martes, 16 de febrero de 2010


Hello my beloved lovers,

I appologyze for not updating recently… I had a great non-stop weekend I have to say… Let’s start!

On Thursday I went to the opening party of the lets call it “Club Fishop”. Fishop is a restaurant settled in the center of Barcelona, Passeig de Gràcia, that has recently become known thanks to the “last Monday” party they launch evey last Monday of each month. Sushi, fish dishes, open wine and soft drinks bar at a price of 45€. The thing is that I went with a couple of friends “for a drink” and ended partying at Sutton till high hours… Thanks God I didn’t have class on Friday.

So I woke up late on Friday had lunch and recovered for hours in front of TV with my very best blanket; is anything better?

At night I had an 80s party at a friend’s. We had dinner, cocktails and games, SO much fun! Afterwards we went to Costa Club and danced till the lights went on at 6am.

I wake up late on Saturday too (VERY late, 3pm), a friend stayed at home and we made something for lunch, well, me while she checked Facebook… I crawled all day home and when she left it was already time to get ready again! I had dinner at a friend’s place and then we went to to Luz de Gas, my first time there. OK, I have to say the people was a bit old, but I had loads of fun dancing all night long! Once again, we didn’t realize and the lights poped up at 6am, and when we left the club, guess what!? It was snowing!!! SNOWING in Barcelona! And it was already Valentine’s Day! Is there anything more romantic? Awww! Shame I’m single… hahaha

Today it’s THE day to celebrate Carnival here in Barcelona, well, in Sitges actually. But I’m not going this year, it’s cold, kinda rainy and I just picked mum at the airport, she’s been in Thailand for 2 weeks! Oh, you should see her, she’s soooo tanned! SO jealous! Can’t wait for the summer and good weather!

Since I saw Coppola’s Maria Antoinette I’ve been dying to have the chance to dress up like Kirsten Dunst, I just LOVE the whole atmosphere… Actually I did once, in Vienna, in a costumes party, but I was the only one; I want a XVIII century party! It looks so sexy, glamorous, beautiful… I just love it!

I hope you all enjoyed Valentine’s Day!! What would you dress like if you could be anything?



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