viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

Milan Fashion Week

Hey Readers!

I’ve been sooo busy since I got in Milan I didn’t have time until yesterday to actually visit the city.

My apartment is still under construction, so they let me one that is not exactly a 5* hotel… Hope they finish mine soon!

So yesterday I went downtown and saw all the paraphernalia they’ve set up for the Milan Fashion Week (GOOD stuff!), the Duomo, the Galleries, didn’t stop walking all day, had lunch next to Le Colonne and did some shopping.

Walking around I passed by this shoe store at Via Torino 73 (Orleans) with the following message at the entrance: ALL AT 30€ EXCUSE ME??? Rushed inside and left with 3 pairs: 1 militar peep toe pumps, 1 cowboy flat boots, and a pair of shinny sneakers (been thinking about it for a long time).

Later we passed by a vintage store and found a really nice open long vest I’ve been looking for (I saw one of Whyred at Alens in Stockholm but I did good not buying it, cuz this one is 90% clone, 230 vs 30€). I also bought this cool jacket that with clasps in the front, can’t describe, pictures under, easier.

Walking back home I got in to this department store called COIN to buy some towels and of course a bathrobe, LOOOOVE bathrobes!

OH! Last stop was to buy some italian fashion magz, OK, seriously, check the thickness of these bibles!

These days we had such an amazing weather, sunny and clear sky with warm cozy temperatures, but today it started raining on our way home =( So we had to get some shelter… Got in to a ice-cream/crepperia and got a nutella/banana crêpe. The delicious taste didn’t stop the rain so we got wet anyway!

Hope it stops soon as we have the Custo party to attend tonight!

I’ll take some pics and promiss to update!

Had to show you this: I flew with the MTV Vueling aircraft, golden "leather" seats, cool right? ;)

Arrivederci ragazzi.


lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010


Hi guys!

I'm about to take my flight to Milan! (in less than 3h!) I'm moving there for 3 months! SOOO excited!
I'll keep you updated with all I do and how it is like!
Can't write anymore today! Too much going through my head!!

Any recomendations? Rests? Shops? Clubs?



jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010



After so many days without whowing you any clothes, I think it’s time to!

First I want to show you some things I bought in Barcelona, and then some I bought in Stockholm last week.

** Don’t forget to keep checking! Going to Milan on Monday so there will be A LOT to see! ;) **

This is a leopard cardigan I bought at Primark 2 weeks ago (haven’t wore it yet, too hot!) paid 16€ for it, nice huh? The hat, just bought today is from Bimba&Lola, 42€ (check their store online).

In Primark I also found those shoes that I had seen in a couple of Spanish blogs (actually, that’s the main reason why I went). And guess what? Last pair, MY size!

These are from Trafaluc, the “cheaper part of Zara stores (I don’t know if they have that collection out of Spain); but actually those didn’t have a very cheap price… Hm… 65/69€ can’t remember. But they look great! Don’t they??

Moving on, Swedish shopping. Shoes, shoes, shoes. Someday I’ll have to show you my show closet, you’ll love it!

First two pairs from Rizzo 1200 kr if remember well. They have the ones with the lace-belts-whatever-you-wanna-call-it in brown too (I had a dilemma chosing!).

The ones with the zips and studded heels… Rings a bell??? BALMAINNNN!!! OK, of course they’re not Balmain (can’t afford à Yet! I’ll have a pair asa I can). These are from Scorett. 899 kr for them. Rocky, right? I can see them with a nice pair of black skinny washed jeans. (Check the ones form Gina Tricot with the “leather patch”; bought them of course! ).

Next, Cooonvers! Nice warm pair of the classical Converse. I have to admit, it’s my first pair of Convers that I buy; of cooourse I had ones when I was a kid! Who didn’t!?

And last, but no least. A friend of mine has crashed at home for some days and we wen’t shopping this afternoon. She’s the one whom I’m going to Milan with! Anyway, she bought this great militarish boots at this store we found in Amigó (Bidú) for 40€! Great deal! I’m so stealing those from her! Hihi

Well guys that’s all for today! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Keep visiting!


lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

La Isla Bonita


How are you guys doing? Tonight is my las nite in Ibiza (buahhh :'( ) But I'll be back, I'm not saying goodbye to the season yet!

This weekend we celebrated one of my friends birthday in Formentera. I'm sorry about the quality of the pic, but I HAD to upload it so you could see (and imagine) how much fun we had.
The other pic is the cariberratean sea of Formentera (you can see Ibiza at the end).

I found these GREAT bracelets in a store in Marina Botafoch which I just LMAO when I saw them. They have these messages (in Spanish) asking the Vergin Mary for things such as "that my jeans fit me soon", "I don't get fat", "I can get those great shoes" etc. Really cool! Sad I didn't have my phone/money with me (didn't have my bag) so I couldn't buy them neither take pics! I'll try to pass by tomorrow before I leave.

Hope you all had a delicious weekend!

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I have to say I've never been one of those techy-geeks who want to get the very last product that comes out.

Same thing happened with the iPad, I said "Nah, thats just b*, a PC without being a PC". I mean, if you really think about it, it's literally no more than a leisure-pc. You can surf, listen to music, play, send mails, but no working please. I guess that's why it has captured me... Hmm

This one fell on my hands a couple of hours ago and haven't stop touching it since. I am really thinking about getting one, but the price is a barrier; spending that amount on it instead of clothing, traveling, or whatever. Maybe Christmas will be a good moment to ask for it!

Have you guys used one of those?

Tomorrow it's my last day in Ibiza as I am flying back home on Tuesday morning, so I'll lizardize under the sun for hours :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

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jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010


Hi everyone!

I woke up today @ 9am, zombied for a while (went out till 6am last night) and then took a shower and packed for my flight @ 12:30am to Ibiza!
Landed, had lunch and right now I'm sitting at UMA. It's a beauty salon & spa here in Ibiza, veeery nice I have to say. I'm getting done the "Pedicure Spa", the treatment is SO comfy :) And it's looking goood I have to say.

So if you guys come to the island soon and want to have nice looking feet, I really recomend you this place.

Have a great day gorgeous!

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martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Shinny Silver

I just saw this shoes @ Ursula Mascaró. Price? 205€ What do you think? Should I???

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lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Balmain F/W 2010

Hi everyone!
I sould apologyze for not updating for SO long, I beg your pardon!!!

Anyways, GOOD news!! As some of you may know one of my favourite designers is Balmain. I love its creations season after season, and this was not an exception.
For the magafreaks like me that buy every single fashion magazine (specially in September), I guess you all have in mind the collection. Well the thing is that I fell in love with one of the looks. It was the baroque-style suit. I don't know what's wrong with internet, I've seen tons of pictures of the look on the magazines but just a couple of pictures in small size on the net (WTF???) So I'll just show you those.

The hottest one is (of course) the smallest picture. So... the BIIIIG news is: I FOUND A SIMILAR ONE (Suuuper inspired I'd say) in H&M today. I totally had to buy it, the price wasn't really an H&M-price, 49.95€, but I HAD TO; I'm sure you understand me =)
Anyway, I took some pictures so you can see it.
* I apologyze for my outfit (it's still SO hot in Barcelona, 30ºC today!), but you guys just look at the blazer, ok?? ;)
BTW, it fits pretty small... So go for 1 or 2 sizes bigger than what you usually use.

The colour is actually goldish, but the picture doesn't show it so well...

I took another with flash trying to "shine" it a bit, but didnt work that well... Sorry ladies!

Concentrate on the jacket!!! =)

Button detail

Mao collar, likey!

Another thing I was DESPERATE looking for was a blouse with a lace on the collar, SO femenine! I've been looking for this for a long time, and guess who showed it on his F/W collection? Yup! Balmain! Hihiii Finally I found it today. Where? Zara! 25.95€ I bought it in white, didn't find it in black, but I think it's nice. What do you think?

The Balmain blouse for F/W 2010

Zara's version for 24.95€

Hope you guys like it!
I'll show you more goodies tomorrow, I've bought crazy amount of clothes for this season. My VISA is still shaking...

What is a MUST for you this fall?

BALMAIN Fashion Show for Fall/Winter 2010