viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

Milan Fashion Week

Hey Readers!

I’ve been sooo busy since I got in Milan I didn’t have time until yesterday to actually visit the city.

My apartment is still under construction, so they let me one that is not exactly a 5* hotel… Hope they finish mine soon!

So yesterday I went downtown and saw all the paraphernalia they’ve set up for the Milan Fashion Week (GOOD stuff!), the Duomo, the Galleries, didn’t stop walking all day, had lunch next to Le Colonne and did some shopping.

Walking around I passed by this shoe store at Via Torino 73 (Orleans) with the following message at the entrance: ALL AT 30€ EXCUSE ME??? Rushed inside and left with 3 pairs: 1 militar peep toe pumps, 1 cowboy flat boots, and a pair of shinny sneakers (been thinking about it for a long time).

Later we passed by a vintage store and found a really nice open long vest I’ve been looking for (I saw one of Whyred at Alens in Stockholm but I did good not buying it, cuz this one is 90% clone, 230 vs 30€). I also bought this cool jacket that with clasps in the front, can’t describe, pictures under, easier.

Walking back home I got in to this department store called COIN to buy some towels and of course a bathrobe, LOOOOVE bathrobes!

OH! Last stop was to buy some italian fashion magz, OK, seriously, check the thickness of these bibles!

These days we had such an amazing weather, sunny and clear sky with warm cozy temperatures, but today it started raining on our way home =( So we had to get some shelter… Got in to a ice-cream/crepperia and got a nutella/banana crêpe. The delicious taste didn’t stop the rain so we got wet anyway!

Hope it stops soon as we have the Custo party to attend tonight!

I’ll take some pics and promiss to update!

Had to show you this: I flew with the MTV Vueling aircraft, golden "leather" seats, cool right? ;)

Arrivederci ragazzi.


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Dressed 4 Success dijo...

I don’t know If you know that I changed the "url" of my blog ... now is >;-D

il tuo amore! dijo...

ohhhh diooooooo io ti ammmoooo elsa!!!!!!!! hhahahaahhaha

Ioana-Carmen dijo...

Love the blog - so maybe we can follow each others blog!? ;)