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After so many days without whowing you any clothes, I think it’s time to!

First I want to show you some things I bought in Barcelona, and then some I bought in Stockholm last week.

** Don’t forget to keep checking! Going to Milan on Monday so there will be A LOT to see! ;) **

This is a leopard cardigan I bought at Primark 2 weeks ago (haven’t wore it yet, too hot!) paid 16€ for it, nice huh? The hat, just bought today is from Bimba&Lola, 42€ (check their store online).

In Primark I also found those shoes that I had seen in a couple of Spanish blogs (actually, that’s the main reason why I went). And guess what? Last pair, MY size!

These are from Trafaluc, the “cheaper part of Zara stores (I don’t know if they have that collection out of Spain); but actually those didn’t have a very cheap price… Hm… 65/69€ can’t remember. But they look great! Don’t they??

Moving on, Swedish shopping. Shoes, shoes, shoes. Someday I’ll have to show you my show closet, you’ll love it!

First two pairs from Rizzo 1200 kr if remember well. They have the ones with the lace-belts-whatever-you-wanna-call-it in brown too (I had a dilemma chosing!).

The ones with the zips and studded heels… Rings a bell??? BALMAINNNN!!! OK, of course they’re not Balmain (can’t afford à Yet! I’ll have a pair asa I can). These are from Scorett. 899 kr for them. Rocky, right? I can see them with a nice pair of black skinny washed jeans. (Check the ones form Gina Tricot with the “leather patch”; bought them of course! http://media.ginatricot.com/images/product/39425800001_m.jpg ).

Next, Cooonvers! Nice warm pair of the classical Converse. I have to admit, it’s my first pair of Convers that I buy; of cooourse I had ones when I was a kid! Who didn’t!?

And last, but no least. A friend of mine has crashed at home for some days and we wen’t shopping this afternoon. She’s the one whom I’m going to Milan with! Anyway, she bought this great militarish boots at this store we found in Amigó (Bidú) for 40€! Great deal! I’m so stealing those from her! Hihi

Well guys that’s all for today! Hope you enjoy the pics!

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Tosca dijo...

Love the shoes!!!!! =) would love to see your shoes' closet one day!! =)

Rebecca from See You in Sweden dijo...

Those shoes are all so amazing but I am a sucker for shoes!! My favorites are those tracker types with tread on the bottom. Really love them :)

Moi. dijo...

Just found your blog,
I love all of the shoes.
check me out

ANNAWII dijo...

OMG! I want your shoe closet haha :).
Love them all!