lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Balmain F/W 2010

Hi everyone!
I sould apologyze for not updating for SO long, I beg your pardon!!!

Anyways, GOOD news!! As some of you may know one of my favourite designers is Balmain. I love its creations season after season, and this was not an exception.
For the magafreaks like me that buy every single fashion magazine (specially in September), I guess you all have in mind the collection. Well the thing is that I fell in love with one of the looks. It was the baroque-style suit. I don't know what's wrong with internet, I've seen tons of pictures of the look on the magazines but just a couple of pictures in small size on the net (WTF???) So I'll just show you those.

The hottest one is (of course) the smallest picture. So... the BIIIIG news is: I FOUND A SIMILAR ONE (Suuuper inspired I'd say) in H&M today. I totally had to buy it, the price wasn't really an H&M-price, 49.95€, but I HAD TO; I'm sure you understand me =)
Anyway, I took some pictures so you can see it.
* I apologyze for my outfit (it's still SO hot in Barcelona, 30ºC today!), but you guys just look at the blazer, ok?? ;)
BTW, it fits pretty small... So go for 1 or 2 sizes bigger than what you usually use.

The colour is actually goldish, but the picture doesn't show it so well...

I took another with flash trying to "shine" it a bit, but didnt work that well... Sorry ladies!

Concentrate on the jacket!!! =)

Button detail

Mao collar, likey!

Another thing I was DESPERATE looking for was a blouse with a lace on the collar, SO femenine! I've been looking for this for a long time, and guess who showed it on his F/W collection? Yup! Balmain! Hihiii Finally I found it today. Where? Zara! 25.95€ I bought it in white, didn't find it in black, but I think it's nice. What do you think?

The Balmain blouse for F/W 2010

Zara's version for 24.95€

Hope you guys like it!
I'll show you more goodies tomorrow, I've bought crazy amount of clothes for this season. My VISA is still shaking...

What is a MUST for you this fall?

BALMAIN Fashion Show for Fall/Winter 2010


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Carmen dijo...

i love balmain!
great post :)

take also a look at my blog, and maybe you would become a blogfriend :)?


Jessica dijo...

Ooooh, you're jacket is beautiful! I understand why you had to buy it. Hihi.